Oscar Pistorius Case Summary: Key Evidence As Closing Arguments Loom In Murder Trial

After months of testimony, the facts of the case have been presented to Judge Thokozile Masipa, who will ultimately decide Pistorius’s fate.

The double-amputee admits to shooting a gun four times through a bathroom door in his home, killing Steenkamp, who was on the other side.

 However, the defense and the prosecution disagree upon many of the details surrounding the shooting.

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A really important piece of evidence that contradicts Pistorius' claim that Reeva was sleeping in bed is the blood-stained duvet on the floor. Nel argued that the blood could only have come from Reeva when Pistorius carried her through the bedroom after the shooting, which means that the duvet was on the floor and not on the bed, which means that Reeva was not asleep in bed as Pistorius claimed. Pistorius cannot claim that the police moved the duvet because the blood forms a trail from the duvet to the carpet next to it, indicating it was there when Pistorius carried Reeva from the bathroom. This is a crucial piece of evidence which totally contradicts Pistorius' story.

I also find it hard to believe that Roux is allowed to just state, without evidence, that Pistorious sounds like a woman when he screams! Ludicrous.

Nel has also shown that Pistorius' story of moving the fans from the balcony is impossible, since there was nowhere the fans could have been plugged in.

Also, why did the alarm not go off when Pistorius ran from the bedroom while carrying Reeva downstairs? Only two ways it would not have gone off - either Pistorius stopped, put Reeva down and disarmed the alarm - highly implausible, since he was in a state of shock and panic, trying to get her downstairs as fast as possible to the ambulance, or because he did not set the alarm in the first place, which is the more likely scenario. For a man terrified of crime, this is an odd thing to do. The likely explanation is that he didn't set the alarm because he and Reeva did not go to bed - they stayed up all night fighting.

There is lots of forensic evidence, including the position of the bullet holes, that strengthen the prosecution's case that Oscar's story is a lie, and that he intentionally shot and killed Reeva after an argument.

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