In Response Of - Irrefutable Questions Disproving Premeditation , Jodi Arias ( A Chat House News Editorial )

Written by : Ghost Writer
Date: 8/10/2014

The justice4jodiarias internet site has a interesting post. After reading it,one might think, is this what Jodi is going to use in court for the sentencing phase? Did Jason write it or Jodi? Who is Jason ?

 It has a brief explanation of Jodi's IQ being near genius level, in the first paragraph. Therefore it couldn't be premeditated murder.

Then it list 22 questions the writer says will refute premeditation in the murder of Travis Alexander.

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Some questions addressed subjects that were never clarified or stated and others were not quite "genius thinking". Below are statements and answers to the beginning and some of the questions :

As suggesting in the first paragraph that Jodi's IQ being so high, "near genius levels", Jodi couldn't possibly have premeditated the murder of Travis.

Here is 33 reasons that statement makes no sense :

1-Ted Kaczynski 2-Edmund Kemper 3-Ted Bundy 4-Andrew Cunanan 5-Joel Rifkin 6-Jeffrey Dahmer 7-Juan Corona 8-Kristen Gilbert 9-Charlene Williams 10-Michael Ross 11-John Wayne Gacy 12-David Berkowitz 13-Richard Starrett 14-Richard Loeb 15-Gary Heidnik 16-Laurence Bittaker 17-Caroll Edward Cole 18-Carlton Gary 19-Peter Manuel 20-George Waterfield Russell Jr. 21-Rodney Alcala 22-Stephen Christopher Stanko 23-David Carpenter 24-David Christie 25-David Copeland 26-James Michael DeBardeleben 27-Harry Glatman 28-John Joubert 29-Randy Kraft 30-Timothy Wayne Krajcir 31-Patrick McCollough 32-Derek Ernest Percy 33-Russell, Sue .

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Questions :

1.Why stage the gun theft as a burglary such that the police are immediately called and a record is created? Why not just “borrow” it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn’t be known exactly when it went missing.

 Maybe Jodi knew Grandpa checks on a normal basis. Maybe Jodi planned to frame Travis' girlfriend with dark hair, stolen gun and white car. Or maybe Jodi's original plan got messed up.

2. Why, in her master plan to murder, would she change out the bullet type (hollow point) to one less powerful (roundnose) that does much less damage? How can the prosecution not mention this fact and get away with it? Is there any evidence that Jodi was a gun enthusiast who knew how to change bullets?

 Maybe Jodi just did a grab and run while stealing the gun and ammo,she probably didn't know the difference in bullets!

8. Why go to the trouble of removing license plates to hide her presence at Alexander’s house when it would have been infinitely easier to just drape something over it, smear mud on it, or park down the street? Wouldn’t a missing license plate draw even more attention to the car?

 It was never established where the car was parked. Travis' roommate never remembered seeing Jodi's car in the driveway. For all we know she had it concealed somewhere and didn't want her rental plate associated with the white car. Plan was in action.

 9.Why didn’t she kill him upon arrival at 4 am? She’s already going to be late getting to her so-called “alibi” by at least five hours.

 It probably didn't matter to her what time she got to her "alibi" for grinding.She was using her "powers" of seduction first. Bed him, give him his last sexual experience. She wanted him to remember who was in charge. A slow death of seduction.Everything ruled by Jodi!

14. Why, after supposedly stabbing him in the shower, does she let him go stand at the sink? If Alexander had enough in him to go from the shower to the sink, stand there turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back, why didn’t he just turn around and throw a couple of punches?

 After Jodi stabbed Travis it is highly unlikely he goes to stand at the sink to check himself out. Let alone turn the faucet on and off. That was never part of the trial. Where did you get this information? According to the evidence photo there was no water marks of a faucet being turned on. Jodi stabbed Travis,was she surprised he wasn't dying immediately after her first couple thrust of the knife in his body ? The poor young man was most likely staggering , in pain, slowly dying, grabbed onto the counter and collapsed as she continued stabbing.

16. If Alexander still had enough energy to travel down the hallway to the bedroom, why didn’t he just use that energy to stop Jodi’s alleged stabbing attack?

Really? So now Travis is leisurely traveling down his hallway ? What trial are you referring to? Did you not look at Jodi's photos ? Travis was crawling down that hallway trying to get away, save his life, as Jodi kept on butchering him , then slit his throat! It was not a mere travel down the hallway, it was his execution !

17. Why did Alexander have only 4 defensive wounds on his hands, only one on his dominant hand, and none on his lower arms if he was supposedly defending himself against a knife attack for more than a minute (and perhaps up to two minutes)?

Defense wounds while he still had some strength while being repeatedly stabbed. How many cuts did Jodi have bandaged while visiting her "alibi". Or her and Travis both cut their hands on a glass at Margarita-ville, like she mentioned .

 If this is part of Jodi's defense, no wonder no camera's, the jury will be so flabbergasted and Jodi once again will look foolish. How can she represent herself if she had no memory when the fog set in? Will she be asking and answering herself ?


Lee said...

Very interesting !!!

Anonymous said...

Jodi does not have a genius IQ or anything near to it. She's just a manipulative psycho. Without a sense of right or wrong, there are more avenues open to them. It's nice to see someone debunk the stupid arguments made by the Jodi is Innocent nutbars.

Linda Rose said...

The Alexander family should go to Juan Martinez and agree to LWOP this way she can't make more of a mockery of our judicial system. I believe he is a sociopath just like Ted Bundy....sick mentality...

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote that is Lisa A Schilling. She's extremely illiterate and her own goal in life is lying like Jason taught her. Jason is charging people $25 to get into some secret fb page which is totally against the fb rules, but what does her care. He's a criminal. He exposed himself & his ilk in this letter. I can't down load it so I am showing you were to see it on fb. What a crock of lies and obvious scam! He's trying to sell his site.

Anonymous said...

You made some great points! I would really like the background of this blog to be changed so it is easier to read. Just a suggestion.

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