Kardashians Keeping Secrets? Family Refuses To Turn Over Mysterious Bag To The Goldman Family, Murder Victim’s Sister Claims — Despite O.J. Simpson Attorney Robert’s Instructions That It Be Done After His Death

Around 2007, four years after Robert’s death from esophageal cancer, “We were notified by either a lawyer or someone from the Kardashian family that they had come across this bag among Robert Kardashian’s things,” Goldman told Radar. “Robert wanted the bag to be given to me after his death.

 This wasn’t the Louis Vuitton garment bag that Robert took from [O.J. Simpson’s] house the day after the murders.”

 READ MORE: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/06/kardashian-family-hiding-o-j-simpson-murder-bag-claims-kim-goldman/

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