Family Searches For Answers In Death Of East Leroy Daughter And Granddaughter ( Ashlyn and Linda Hubbard )

EAST LEROY, Mich. (March 30, 2014) – Bob Hubbard found his daughter, Linda, 32, and 5-month-old granddaughter Ashlyn unresponsive in Linda’s bed Saturday morning.

 “Every day my husband would feed her in the morning and that’s how he went up to ask if she was awake and they were gone,” Patti Hubbard, Linda’s mother, said.

 Police say there were no signs of trauma or a break in at the home on 6 Mile Road, leaving the cause of death a mystery.

Linda and Ashlyn lived with her parents, Patti and Bob, and helped with the family business, because her father suffers from some health issues.


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