239 - The missing of Flight #MH370

WRITTEN BY : Micki Owens
DATE: April 3 ,  2014

The plane was carrying children, daughters, mothers, Aunts, sisters, cousins, uncles, brothers, sons, fathers, in-laws, loved ones,a grand total of 239 people.

How many were looking out the window dreaming of their destination on this Saturday March 8 , 2014 ?

Their take off was normal, as they were settled in their seats.

The location of the plane was 120 nautical miles from the east coast of Malaysia. No distress or problems.

 The cockpit sends its last message , "goodnight Malaysian three seven zero".

The plane makes a left hand turn. The air controllers lose contact with Flight 370.


Did flight MH370 just disappear, or was it hijacked, or terrorism, or mechanical problems ? No answers for the families waiting.

Their loved ones are now missing. No debris has been spotted. Not one country helping has been able to locate the missing. Just vanished into thin air.

Did it land on the bottom of the ocean? In another country? Did the plane explode ? Were there bad souls on board who were devious ?

The people are missing, their phones ring and go to voice mail, their families grow desperate for answers.

 May they be found soon.

Below is the link of the manifest for Flight 370 :


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