Marissa Devault trial: Ex testifies "She asked me to "take care" of her husband" ( #DaleHarrell )

On Wednesday, we learned that Marissa Devault used to work as a stripper who went by the stage name "Reesie Cup." While she was married, she dated a man she met while working at the strip club.

That man testified in court today saying that Devault asked him to 'take care' of her husband he also told the jury she tried to kill her husband in the past by poisoning him.

Travis Tatro said he dated Marissa Devault for nearly a year back in the early 2000's and after not speaking to her for a while he said Devault came to him for help in January 2009.

"Um, she asked me if I could take care of him or knew anyone that could... It didn't sound like she wanted a hit man just sounded like she wanted someone to slap him around a little bit," said Tatro.


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