EXCLUSIVE: Christina begged police for help for TWO DAYS before her son, 14, was found strangled by her husband ( Gunnar Schumacher )

Christina Schumacher knew her son was dead before she reached the top of the stairs. And she knew that his father had killed him.

 The moment her eyes locked with those of the officer blocking the apartment door ahead she knew that the worst had already happened.

 Forty-eight hours earlier she had pounded the desk of the local police station saying, ‘Help me my son is in danger.’ She had called family and friends. Finally she had called Amber Alert

 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2557066/EXCLUSIVE-Christina-begged-police-help-TWO-DAYS-son-14-strangled-husband-Then-locked-psych-ward-against-6-weeks-Here-tells-harrowing-story.html#ixzz2tDWiKgs5

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