Does Amber Alert Criteria Slow Down Law Enforcement? ( Heather Elvis )

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- The abduction of 10-year-old Hailey Owens shows saving a life can come down to a matter of minutes. One of the main tools police have in catching an abductor is the Amber Alert. An Amber Alert has high criteria, for good reason. It is important the community knows a life is at risk and the situation is as real as it gets.

 Thursday, KOLR10 looked at the Amber Alert system from the perspective of a police agency that needs to get information to the Missouri State Highway patrol quickly to have an Amber Alert activated. What was found was in the middle of this urgent process local agencies are required to fill out a three page form by hand and then fax or email it in. In the middle of a crucial investigation, it involves a game of telephone and less than cutting edge technology.


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