Elkhart teens convicted of murder to have story told on Dr. Phil Show today ( The Elkhart 4 )

ELKHART - It was a burglary that ended in bloodshed inside an Elkhart home. The four teenagers who did it are in prison for murder even though they didn’t kill anyone – the homeowner shot and killed one of their friends in self defense. Today, their story will be told on national television

. Today's episode of The Dr. Phil Show will be about “The Elkhart 4.” It will air at 3 p.m. EDT on WSBT-TV.

 READ MORE : http://www.wsbt.com/news/local/elkhart-teens-convicted-of-murder-to-have-story-told-on-dr-phil-show/-/21046398/23837164/-/gf060az/-/index.html

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