Slain U.K. girl's mom was targeted by tabloid

British schoolgirl Sarah Payne, 8, who was murdered by a pedophile in 2000.

(Credit: AP Photo/Family photo via PA)

(CBS News)

LONDON — The News of the World tabloid did more than cover the grisly details of the 2000 murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne at the hands of a pedophile.

The paper owned by Rupert Murdoch spearheaded a long and ultimately successful push to help launch Sarah's Law (similar to Megan's law in the U.S.) requiring more public disclosure about known sex offenders.

The cause of Sarah's mother, Sara Payne, and that of her charity organization, Phoenix Chief Advocates, was championed by the paper's former editor, Rebekah Brooks, who even gifted the girl's mother with a cell phone with which she could stay in touch with the paper.


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