New Photo Surfaces of Hailey Dunn

Seven months after Hailey Dunn went missing, the story has gone from a local search to taking over national headlines.

But the face that's been all over billboards and fliers everywhere, may not even look like the missing teen. A new picture has surfaced showing Hailey a week before she went missing, and when compared to the older photos, some are finding the differences alarming.

"It doesn't look like the same picture that we posted," exclaimed Patricia Trichel, the mother of Naomi Dunn, Hailey's Father's fiance.



gotcha said...

From SM (scared monkey) - Let's see now....Billie and Shawn have moved off to the Austin area and are living
together there.
Clint is doing 90 days in jail.
Billie's big time lawyer was arrested for pulling a glock on police after being
stopped for drunk driving.
Naomi's mother, Patricia, has taken up with one of the searcher's husband.
The Search Center has closed and the three board members refuse to account
for the more than $10,000 that was donated to the search.
Richy, Clint's BIL, has someone pregnant with twin boys, even though he is still
married to Mary, Clint's sister.
Billie's mother and brother have both been arrested since Hailey's disappearance.
and Billie herself is now on probation for two years.
There has been no arrest for the child porn.

Anonymous said...

She cared more for herself and that nasty boyfriend than her daughter. That whole family is full of quality people! yeah right

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