Casey Anthony: 'She served her probation,' State Attorney's Office says


Confusion lingered Friday over whether Casey Anthony should have to serve a year of probation in her check-fraud case now that she is out of jail.

Circuit Judge Stan Strickland said Thursday that his intention in sentencing Anthony last year was that she should go on supervised probation if released from custody. But she left the Orange County Jail on July 17 with no restrictions following her acquittal at trial in the death of her child.

The Orange County Clerk of Courts office confirmed Friday that it was working to amend the wording in one of Anthony's sentencing documents to more accurately reflect Strickland's intentions.

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gotcha said...

From Scared Monkeys - Let's see now....Billie and Shawn have moved off to the Austin area and are living
together there.
Clint is doing 90 days in jail.
Billie's big time lawyer was arrested for pulling a glock on police after being
stopped for drunk driving.
Naomi's mother, Patricia, has taken up with one of the searcher's husband.
The Search Center has closed and the three board members refuse to account
for the more than $10,000 that was donated to the search.
Richy, Clint's BIL, has someone pregnant with twin boys, even though he is still
married to Mary, Clint's sister.
Billie's mother and brother have both been arrested since Hailey's disappearance.
and Billie herself is now on probation for two years.
There has been no arrest for the child porn.

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