Police Return To Site Where Prosthetic Was Found

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Posted: 12:49 pm EDT October 29, 2010
Updated: 5:19 pm EDT October 29, 2010
CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Investigators returned Friday to the area where a prosthetic leg believed to be 10-year-old Zahra Baker’s was found earlier this week.

VIDEO: Police Return To Site Where Prosthetic Was Found

The prosthetic was found off Christie Road in Caldwell County late Tuesday afternoon, Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins said. Police are still working to positively confirm that it is Zahra’s prosthetic through a serial number. 
MAP: Christie Road
Investigators haven’t said why they are returning to the Christie Road area or what specifically they are looking for there. Police did say that they received complaints of a foul odor in the area, but said they think it may have come from a dead animal found nearby. 
Police have wrapped up their search of the yard around the Hickory home of Zahra, her father and her stepmother. Investigators spent Wednesday and Thursday digging up areas around the home. They photographed and removed several items from the ground and collected them in plastic bags, but have not said what those items are. 
VIDEO: Investigators Dig Through Bakers' Yard
CHOPPER VIDEO: Investigators Search Bakers' Yard
IMAGES: Searchers Back At Baker Home

They also spent time inside of the home, and are expected to continue going through it over the weekend. Police confirmed they have a search warrant for the property, but it is sealed. 
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