Police charge DeKalb man in murder of NIU coed (Toni Keller)

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By Art Golaband steve lord
sun-times media

Oct 29, 2010 09:29PM
DEKALB — A DeKalb man who fled to Louisiana and Mexico has been charged in the death of Northern Illinois University freshmen Antinette “Toni” Keller, who vanished earlier this month, DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen said Friday night.
William “Billy” P. Curl, 34, was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Covington, La., and extradited back to DeKalb Friday morning.
He was charged later in the day with five counts of first degree murder, criminal sexual assault and arson.
“This was a gruesome murder,” Feithen said at a press conference.
Curl is being held in the DeKalb County Jail on $5 million bail. He has a court hearing at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.
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