Elisa Baker in court for worthless checks & has more than 20 counts in several counties still pending against

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By Sarah Newell williamson
Published: October 30, 2010
Elisa Baker did not appear in court on Friday alongside her attorney, Scott Reilly. He asked to be appointed as Baker’s attorney for her worthless check charges in Catawba County
Reilly already represents Baker on the charge of felony obstruction of justice in the case of Baker’s missing 10-year-old stepdaughter, Zahra. Baker admitted to writing a false ransom note, asking for $1 million.
Baker was scheduled for court Friday for seven counts of worthless checks: four under her married name, Elisa Baker, and three under another name she sometimes uses, Elisa Young. The worthless check charges Baker was due in court for on Friday were:
$64.88, Fresh Air Galaxy
$136.49, Food Lion
$122.47, Food Lion
$158.04, Food Lion
$243.53, Walmart
$80.98, Walmart
$110.57, Walmart
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