Terri Horman ( Kyron Horman's step mother)

Terri Moulton is the step mother of the missing little boy, Kyron Horman. Terri is under suspicion for the disappearance of Kyron. She was the last one seen with him, the last one to take of picture of him, the last person who talked or waved to him.

Terri was born march 14, 1970. Her parents were school teachers. She married Ron Tarver in 1991. She had a son with Ron, in 1994. James Logan Tarver was born January 26. Terri and Ron divorced in 1995.

In 1996 she married Richard Ecker in Springfield. Richard adopted James two years later and is still his legal father. They divorced in 2002.

Terri was a substitute teacher before meeting and marrying Kaine Horman. In 2004 she moved in with Kaine to help take care of Kyron. In 2007 she married Kaine. She also brought along her son, James, to live with them.

One December 8, 2008 Terri gave birth to a baby girl, Kiara. They are now a growing family. Terri and Kaine are viewed by friends as a close knit loving family. In March of 2010, Terri's oldest son James was sent to live with his grandparents. Then later he moved in with his father.

June 4, 2010, Kyron is missing. Terri supposedly takes him to school for the science fair. She takes a picture of him. Walks with him to his class. Waves good bye. Kyron is gone.

Why was her son who is now 16 sent away? 3 months later Kyron disappears. Did he disappear because of a vengeful hateful step mother. Was she angry because her first son was not living with them?

Is it a woman who feels she has had enough with Kyron?

Did she think--------Well if I can't have my son, neither can you!!! ???

Where is Kyron Horman?


Lee said...

Maybe she didn't want the "blended" family, just her, Kaine and Kiara,

gotcha said...

Hmmm seems a 911 call was placed the day Kaine left with his daughter. The 911 call is sealed which in itself is highly unusual. Wonder who called 911 and why? Seems the restraining order is sealed also. Terri must have done something bad last Saturday!

Anonymous said...

You may be on to a good theory, that it was pre-meditated, and that is why police have a hard time finding the body. Thank God she had a cell phone that could trace her movements and tripped her up when she talked to police about where she was that day. Lying to the police puts her right in the "most likely suspect". Maybe the picture was planned along with how she murdered him and where she disposed of him. Heard that a good psychic is on the way, you feel there will be a break in the case soon.

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