Kyron Horman Update: Details emerge about Kyron’s uncle charged in child molestation case

June 23, 2010 - Kyron Horman, the 7-year-old Portland boy who went missing from Skyline Elementary School June 4, has caught national attention. On June 16 his uncle from Seattle was arrested on charges of 3rd degree child molestation. There has been question as to whether the uncle’s arrest and Kyron’s case are in any way related.

Cases related?

According to Snohomish County Prosecutor Hal Hupp, the cases are not related and Kristian’s recent jail sentence had nothing to do with Kyron.

“The child molestation case occurred two years ago and the uncle was just found guilty and jailed on June 16,” Hupp said. “Kyron was not the molested child in that case.”

When asked if Kristian Horman’s child molestation conviction in Seattle, Wash., was part of the investigation in Kyron’s case in Portland, Multnomah County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman, Lt. Mary Lindstand, said, “Yes, I can say that it is part of the investigation.”

Clearing up misconceptions

There have been rumors that the “arrest” of the uncle came so close to the date Kyron went missing, that people believe his arrest was somehow connected to Kyron’s disappearance.

Hupp pointed out that Kristian was not arrested. Kristian’s child molestation trial was scheduled months ago for June 16. He said, “There’s a misconception that Kristian was arrested in 2009. He was not arrested, he was charged.”

Kristian is now in jail serving out his six-month sentence.

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Strange to say the least, but doesn't excuse Terri for not passing a poly. Terri needs to speak up, if so innocent then pass a dam poly!

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