Shaniya Davis Case Update: Antoinette Davis' June court date

Shaniya Davis Case Update: Antoinette Davis' June court date

Antoinette Davis is expected to return to court next month in result of a recent April 15th court date.  Case numbers 2009065834 and 2009065835 of felony human trafficking, felony child abuse involving prostitution, resisting arrest and filing a false police report moves towards June 3rd of the Cumberland County Courthouse in room 2B.
Shaniya Davis was found murdered in a North Carolina wooded area in November.  Many wonder why this case is taking so long to seek a trial.  Antoinette Davis can reach a plea to avoid a trial.  The family of Antoinette Davis posted bail releasing Antoinette Davis from North Carolina's Correctional Institute for Women in February. 
Antoinette Davis contacted authorities over the disappearance of her biological 5-year-old daughter Shaniya Davis in November.  The body of Shaniya Davis was found a week later.  Antoinette Davis, 25, allowed Mario McNeill, 29, to take Shaniya in a debt exchange on the day Shaniya was reported as missing. 
Antoinette Davis had been charged surrounding her involvement.  Mario McNeill was charged with first-degree kidnapping, rape and the murder of Shaniya Davis.  The autopsy of Shaniya resulted in the time of death being the day Antoinette contacted authorities.  Shaniya Davis died of asphyxiation.
In February Judge Johnson ordered to unseal nine arrest warrants whereas not only did Mario McNeill's cell phone hold an explicit photo of a child but also the warrants released witness accounts.  Shaniya's 7-year-old brother stated that he did see a man with locks in his hair and heard stomping noises. 
The evidence against Mario McNeill is overwhelming.  Mario McNeill was also spotted by a Sanford hotel surveillance camera while holding Shaniya Davis on the day she was reported missing.  The same day Shaniya Davis was murdered.  Mario McNeill faces a life sentence or the death penalty.
Mario McNeill remains in Raleigh's Central Prison.
Antoinette Davis is scheduled to return to the Cumberland County Courthouse on June 3, 2010.


Anonymous said...

please what is the most recent news? has mario been sentanced yet?

Kats said...

This is the most recent info on Mario -

So far I can't find any further information on him.

Antoinette is due back in court on Aug 11th - check back for further updates.

Anonymous said...

when will shaniya get justice

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