Haleigh - 911 call - (with clearer background voices)

8/17 - We thought maybe it was time to take another look at the clarified 911 call with the news of Misty hearing Haleigh scream the night of her disappearance. Let us know what you hear.

On Febuary 09,2009, Haleigh Cummings goes missing. She is 5 years old and lives with her father, Ronald Cummings, in a trailer. They live in Satsuma , Florida. Which is in Putnam county! She weighs 39 pounds and is 3 feet tall with brown eyes and blond hair. She was supposedly left in the care of her future step mother, Misty Croslin. After a day of school, playing with her cousins, eating dinner, something bad has happened. Haleigh is gone. Confusing facts and information are surrounding her story. Seems everyone lies or covering for each other. One thing is for sure Haleigh is missing and it smells rotten in Putnam county.

We have tried to clear up the background voices of the 911 call made by Misty Croslin, the night Haleigh disappeared. There are still parts of the call that have been eradicated. There is a 3rd unidentified voice in the background. 

This is only the background voices heard:  (Listen here)

.34 Misty: mumbles Hope

.36 Ron: she let my daughter get stolen in the middle of the night

1.15 Ron: you tell them they better come on now

1.36 Ron: unintelligible......Ron's voice

2:17 Ron: I don't care........(unintelligible)

2.47 Ron: how's it not all your fault

2.49 Ron: come on misty.......(unintelligible)

2.55 Ron: we got a reason for someone to be here now

3.35 Phone is hung up

4.34 Ron: how the fuck you let my daughter get stolen bitch

5.02 Ron:......I can't find my fucking gun, its not where it was, the mother fuckers took it

5.08 Ron: the mother fucking new lock busted sideways

5.19 Ron: they better mother fucking bring something man cause if I find the mother fuckers game then I don't give a fuck about prison, prison don't scare me

5.36 A different woman's voice is on the tape: yes, well that's my last name not hers, the name.....then it cuts off

5.45 Ron: well the mother fuckers are playing games I'm fucking going to kill somebody

5.50 Ron: the fucking date of birth we need to find her fuck the date of birth

6.23 Misty: what the fuck

6.25 woman's voice: ain't....problem cause of the dope

6:36 Ron: (unintelligible)........fuck with it.....(unintelligible)

6.49 woman's voice: a little baby....(unintelligible)

6.51 Ron: give me my fucking phone


cricket said...

This is very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the different woman's voice at the 5:36 mark. That is not misty.

cricket said...

can anyone tell me who blog this is.

Kats said...

Cricket... There is no one owner of Chat House Cares. It is owned by a small group of people that donate their time.

Amy said...

I can't believe we didn't notice that earlier, its definitely not Misty. And WELCOME Cricket! :) (And Anonymous)

ChromeLightning said...

I would really like to know who the other voice is! I hope in the least LE has this covered a long time ago. It might explain why Hope was taken in. I also found it interesting to hear ron say the lock was broken. Was he referring to the house door, or a gun lock, or a safe lock, or something else? Interesting, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff ladies!! It's Grammie!

Cate said...

I can't get the "background voices" to play. Instead, I get redirected to a page that says that I don't have access... Any help?

Kats said...

Sorry - the server is down - it should be back up soon.

Kats said...

The issues with the audio have been corrected and the audio is available again! Thank you for your patience.

Anonymous said...

I pulled a copy of the tape from America most wanted a few months passed, and cleaned it up a bit, and listened.. The more I listened to the low gravely voice, I knew exactly who it was..

Anonymous said...

And in your opinion who might this be?

gotcha said...

K, who do you think it is? I think its Teresa!

Anonymous said...

At the 6:25 mark, I hear Ron say ...."probably cause of the dope".

Too many other things that don't add up. Ron's in the house ranting when he should have been outside hollering for his daughter. Is he such an expert in matters like this that he can assume she's not out there in the neighborhood somewhere and can afford to hang up on the 911 dispatcher not once but twice?! Also, it sounds like Crystal (Ron's sister) at the 5:36 mark. Not Teresa. Teresa's voice is so deep and gravely, there is a similiarity but it sounds like Crystal to me.

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