A Story of Joy W

****note - some of the names have been changed.

In mid-year of 2008, people were gathering on the Internet discussing the Caylee Anthony case. A large group of people came together in a chat room. This is when a lot of people were first introduced to Joy W. Her screen names in the beginning were many. She would comment under different names leave then come on as a different people. Most watched in amazement that she didn't think we knew. Then the stories started happening. Her husband worked for the FBI in Washington D.C. She too was a private detective!

Soon the room split apart into 4 different main rooms. Where certain personalities were better parted. Joy W had her own chat room. Joy was by herself, not with Sara as she stated to LE, not ever. Joy visited all the rooms, to get attention or to get people into her room. Her stories were unbelievable and never ending. She stated that she met Casey Anthony with Caylee at the Florida Mall. She said they were there getting photographs of their daughters together and met while the children played. Then it was, she met Casey at church and went to church frequently with the Anthony's. Never mind Joy lives in Altamonte Springs, which is over one hour away. Another tale was Joy said she went to high school with Casey. Joy is 5 years older.

Then she was always beaming to everyone that she and her husband are private detectives. She stated that her husband John worked in the Secret Service, and was a local detective in Orlando. She told many she was a close friend of President Bush. That she had family ties to the mafia so they should be careful. She also had the secret recipe to Bush's baked Beans. Worked for and with Dominic Casey. Joy also stated many times she worked for Baez, was writing a book and that George Anthony was the godfather to her daughter.

People would chuckle, others called her names or made videos, some felt sorry for her and tried many times to help her. She wouldn't stop. Most knew she had a problem. Some people became upset as they watched her inject herself into the case. Many told her to stop and that it was not right. She wouldn't listen. Started saying people were after her, hacking her computers, she told some she put fish hooks in her bushes to get people spying on her. Some even called the authorities out of concern for her children. They could tell how every 45 days her meds were wearing off, badly.

Most the time her chat room had no visitors. If she did it were mostly people defending them selves over untruths Joy was saying on the Internet. Sometimes she would make up other people in her chat to make it look like she had visitors. One time she had almost the entire Anthony family in there (Joy using their names and pictures off the internet). Another time she came into a chat room screaming there were monkeys in there. No one believed her but many checked it out thinking, oh no, she is losing it again. It turned out to be people from Scared Monkeys asking questions of stories Joy was telling.

After Joy was baking cookies for Cindy Anthony and following George to every public event including at the grocery store. She was Claiming she was working for Dom to find live Caylee and don't forget Jose Baez. Leonard Padilla comes into the picture. Joy goes running to Blanchard Park, holding a sign over her head, proclaiming Caylee is alive. Then she starts telling people she worked with Leonard and also Tim Miller, and was part of the Black water Dive Team. She even said it was her boat they used.

Another chatter went to Blanchard Park to get pictures and tell the group what was happening instead depending on the news. Sure enough Joy was there, Leonard was in action, the divers diving, Lois was there, Murt was there, every news crew was there. Mary went up to Leonard and asked for his business card. Mary went home and gave the information on the business card to Sara. Sara called LP to ask questions the group had. This is Sara's very first contact with Leonard Padilla. Joy was in her own chat room boasting to all how she herself helped so many there.

December 11, 2008, Roy Kronk found Caylee Anthony’s remains. It wasn't soon after that Joy sprang into action saying she had proof of pictures that Caylee wasn't there. She herself was on the phone to Dom. She saw Roy Kronk coming out of the woods, had pictures of every event, claiming she was there and saw everything.

Near the middle of January 2009, after the police vacated the crime scene, Joy goes to the memorial on Suburban Drive. Mary goes to the memorial site with friends to take pictures and see the memorial being built for Caylee. Joy is there. They introduce themselves to each other. Joy has her children; they were playing amongst the stuffed animals. She shows off her Texas Equusearch t-shirt, which is stapled to a tree and how she helped with the searches. She also shows them 3 pavers near the sidewalk she claims is where Caylee was found.

January 31, 2009, 1:00 p.m. Mary and Sara met at the memorial, on TV it is growing massive, they want to go and take updated pictures. Mary and her husband arrive there first. To their surprise Joy W is there. She was dressed strangely, with a cap on her head, jeans rolled up and a
trench coat. She was in the woods with a man; he had a tablet that he was taking notes. She was pointing out things to him and then walked into the woods behind the houses. Mary and Richard stayed in the car. When Joy came back out with this man, Mary waved and said Hi. Joy ignored them. Then after awhile, when the man went to his car for a second, Joy came over to Mary and Richard's car. She tells them she is very busy. Is working with a reporter giving him a tour of the crime scene for Jose Baez. They (Joy and the man) are going to the Anthony's right now and will be back shortly. You need to leave!

Mary calls Sara, ask her when she will be there. Sara says she is within minutes of being there. Mary tells her to go down Hope Spring drive and see if Joy goes to the Anthony's house. Sara does and parks behind a white SUV. She sees Joy walking with the man, then head up the Anthony's driveway. They stop and talk then get into the white suv. Sara pulls out and turns onto Suburban and parks behind Mary’s car.

Mary, Richard and Sara, were talking on the sidewalk when Joy arrived in her white SUV. Joy was not happy. They could tell she was upset. After Joy and the man exit Joy's car, Joy comes over to Mary and Sara. Sara does not work with Leonard Padilla. Mary introduces Joy to Sara, this is the first time they have ever met. When Joy finds out this is Sara she becomes very nervous and walks away to the man she is with. Sara asked Mary who the man is. Mary tells her she doesn't know other than Joy was taking him through the woods talking and taking pictures while he took notes. Mary also tells her Joy said she is working for Jose Baez. The three watch as Joy talks to the man and takes him through the crime scene area, taking pics as they go. At one point they reach a pile of debris left over from the police piled high along the fence. Joy picks up a log and tells the man it is evidence; there is a burn mark on it. Joy walks over to her SUV, opens the back and puts in the log, and unrolls her pant legs. The man walks back to his vehicle, which is parked in front of Joy's.

Mary and Sara are now curious about this man and what him and Joy are doing. Mary goes and talks to Joy at the back of her car. Sara ran up to the man. Sara asked him what’s he doing and was he aware that Joy had been baker acted. The man thought he was getting a story, mumbles he has just wasted a whole day. Joy is mad and yells at the man not to listen to Sara, makes a crazy gesture with her finger. The man gets in his car and speeds off.

Mary, Sara and Richard start walking down the sidewalk taking pictures. Joy tells them to leave. That she is in charge of the area and Baez will be pissed. Richard and Sara ignore her. Mary goes to Joy and calms her down. Soon everyone is standing by Mary's car. Joy says she wants to show them something. She gets a huge scrapbook out of her car filled with clippings and pictures of the Caylee Anthony case. She hands a picture of her daughter with George to Mary. Mary gives it to Sara. Joy takes it from Sara and hands it to Richard in the car. He tells her it is a nice picture and hands it back to Joy. Joy refuses and tells him to keep it; he puts it on the dashboard.

They all get in their cars to leave. Joy is first, stops at the stop sign, and gets out to adjust the log rolling in the back. She pulls out to turn and almost gets broadsided by another car.

Joy has spoken many miss truths, has injected herself into this case badly. She is now working on the Haleigh case also. Has made countless videos on you tube and has attended most court proceedings of Casey Anthony. Has decorated her house outside with caution tape and signs like the Anthony house. Bought sunglasses at Target like Casey has. Has sent Casey money.
In the first deposition Joy tells of the log:

In the second deposition Joy talks of working for Sara and Leonard Padilla doing searches. This has never happened. Joy has never worked for Leonard. Joy has never worked for Sara either. She never called Sara from the woods on any search. Her cell phone number was given to most all of us in the chats. This is also where she talks about George Bush. On her poster at the memorial she has a quote from him, although he wasn't the president at the time. Sara and Joy never had a chat room together. Leonard and Sara never discussed cases with Joy.

In the 3rd interview with Joy she talks about Sara. Sara met Joy only that one time and Sara never took stuffed animals there.

Leonard Padilla never threatened Joy or her kids. He is a honorable man. Yes, Joy has called him but not always about this case. Sara does work with Leonard now.

Joy needs to settle down and get away from the stories she so badly wants to be part of. Her children are the ones everyone worries about the most. The police had a camera mounted at the crime scene, so I am sure they know who visited, with whom, and on what days.

** - If you've been wondering about the Halloween video referred to by LE, you can view it here:

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Great post of the synopsis of Joy and her involvement in the case. I sure hope she gets help she needs.

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