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A Seminole County woman who injected herself into the Casey Anthony case and statements from volunteers who helped look for Anthony's daughter Caylee Marie are among the latest details to be released in the first-degree murder case. (snip)

Seminole County woman questioned for her role in Casey Anthony case
Joy Wray, 30, has been the topic of many blogs, YouTube videos and other Internet postings since Caylee was reported missing.
She has inserted herself into the Casey Anthony case -- searching for Caylee, attending court hearings and also attending a county commission meeting focusing on protesters at the Anthony's neighborhood.
Wray has posted and appeared in her own YouTube videos about the case, and others have mocked Wray on the Web, making their own videos spoofing the Altamonte Springs woman.
Photos that Wray took during her search for Caylee were discussed with Orange County detectives.
On Nov. 22, Wray took her computer to the Best Buy in Altamonte Springs and was overheard telling people she wanted photographs to be removed from the computer so police couldn't find them.
Best Buy management reported the suspicious behavior.
Wray claimed she took photographs of the area off Suburban Drive where Caylee's remains were found that would prove Caylee's body wasn't initially there.
Orange County detectives said they found several inconsistencies with Wray's statements.
Wray told Seminole County deputies in April that she was a private investigator for the "Caylee Anthony case." She was disoriented and disheveled, the report said.
Wray also said California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who helped post Casey Anthony's bond, had threatened to kill her and her children "if she testified." Wray said she was a spy for "President Bush."
Among the other details that emerged about Wray in the documents released Tuesday:
•Wray identified herself as a spy and said she's taken photos by hanging in trees.
•She's been hospitalized by police multiple times for mental evaluation.
•Wray said Casey Anthony's father, George Anthony, brainwashed her.
•Wray is writing a book and she wanted the photographs in question to be copyrighted.
•She knows former Pres. George Bush and Sen. Bill Nelson.
•She was raped by three guards while in jail.
•She fears a potential killer is following her.
•Wray admitted to creating an online video depicting defense attorney Jose Baez as a vampire, Casey Anthony as a mad scientist, her brother Lee Anthony and Frankenstein and George Anthony as a werewolf.
Who is Joy Wray?
Seminole County deputies have had plenty of interaction with Wray. She's in the agency's reporting system — which could mean she was a victim, reportee or suspect — more than two dozen times, the Sheriff's Office told the Orlando Sentinel.
In 2007, Wray claimed to have been at the scene of a shooting and said her car was damaged and a bullet grazed her child's face. Wray was uncooperative, refused to allow her car to be inspected, and wouldn't provide any proof of her child being injured.
Wray was arrested March 26, 2008 and spent nearly a month behind bars for allegedly failing to stop for police.
A Seminole County sheriff's report said law-enforcement officers tried to pull over Wray for speeding — she was clocked at driving 56 mph in a 30 mph zone on Palm Springs Drive — but she refused.
Apopka police eventually stopped Wray, an arrest report said. She was booked into the Orange County Jail, and was released after the State Attorney's Office did not file charges against her.
In December 2008, Joy Wray's husband, John Wray, told deputies his wife was "obsessed" with the Anthony case and refused to take her medication.
A year later, on Dec. 3, 2009, Wray told Seminole County deputies she thought someone was targeting her because of her involvement in the Anthony case. She told the deputy she was working with Orange County sheriff's detective John Allen.
Also in December, Wray wrote a letter to Orange County Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland stating she believed Caylee was placed in the woods near her family's east Orange County home at the end of October.
What made her come to such a conclusion? "I notice [sic] a smell that I have never smelled before," she wrote.
Wray stated the first time she was at the woods on Suburban Drive was July 18, 2008. She would drop off food for the Anthonys, and went to the woods at least 12 times, she stated.
"I did 90% of the searching for Caylee Anthony on my own," she said.
Wray stated she once saw a man in the woods acting odd, and she tried to figure out who he was.
Wray was hospitalized by police for mental evaluation as recently as February, Seminole County sheriff's report show.

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Lee said...

Well, we all warned her about injecting herself into this case. We all know she knows nothing - --- and according to the latest docs out, she apparently injected herself to other cases as well.
I feel for her children.

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