OSBI Updates Aja Johnson Case

Agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation painted a picture of a kidnapping suspect as somebody who can subsist on little and somebody likely moving from place to place at night.
New Photos Released
Lester Hobbs is wanted in connection with the death of his wife, Tonya Hobbs, and the kidnapping of her daughter, Aja Johnson. The 7-year-old has not been seen for 33 days.
During a Thursday news conference, OSBI Agent in Charge Richard Goss said investigators have learned a lot about Hobbs, noting his penchant for cruising the Internet for lonely women, hustling games of pool at local bars and changing his hair color.
Plea Issued To Lester Hobbs
Hobbs is a self-taught auto mechanic by trade and often works in small garages. He can live on as little as $20 here and there, Goss said.
Hobbs was last seen in a white Toyota Paseo. Goss said that while there are leads coming in all the time, none of them have pinpointed the location of the car, of Hobbs or of Aja Johnson.
"He's been described as a cowardly abuser who only confronts people of a lesser stature than himself," Goss said.
New Photos Of Lester Hobbs Released
Investigators said he's probably been hiding in the daylight hours and making moves at night.
"He's a scavenger moving from point to point," said deputy U.S. Marshal A.D. Templeton. "He may have laid there for a couple of days, then he's moved to the next point, traveling at night, just like a coyote."
Goss said someone may be helping Hobbs hide.
"Someone is hiding Hobbs in his own car or allowing Hobbs to stay with them. To this person or persons, I implore you to do what is right before it's too late," he said.
Goss said the telltale giveaway of Hobbs' appearance are two tattooes: the word "ROSE" on his right hand the word "LOVE" on his left. His nose is also crooked from previous breaks.
The OSBI said Hobbs has no friends and very few acquaintances. He has always played the victim, Goss said.
He said Hobbs had threatened to kill his wife and her children with a hammer.
"It now appears that Lester Hobbs carried out that threat and actually used a hammer to kill his own wife. Very possibly, Aja lay on the sofa next to him," Goss said.
Agents said the manhunt for Hobbs and the search for Aja are still intense. Goss urged Hobbs to drop the girl off at a Target or Wal-Mart with a note on her shirt that reads, "Aja Johnson / Amber Alert."


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